Keep Reaching for Nothing

by Recessions

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released May 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Sacred Plague Records Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Wonder
Little boy
It’s okay
To fall asleep
With the lights on
It’s much worse when you get out here
The world reflects your deepest darkest fears
And that which will console you over all these years
Will also create a reality where you cannot rest
And show you a world where you feel paralyzed
It’s much worse
Out here
Track Name: DNA
No timeline as to when we will perish
No build up, no fatality
Flesh is proof – death is truth.
These mortal shells
Carry mortal hells
Nothing lasts forever
Scars indicate we can heal
Blood shows we are real
Flesh is proof- death is truth
These mortal shells
Carry mortal hells
So much has surfaced
In our wasted purpose
Nothing lasts forever.
Track Name: Foundation
Summers pass
Winters drank through
Burning money
We don’t even have yet
A moment’s rest
When we don’t run out
The walls we face
Only grow up to
Scrape the sky
Keep us reaching
For nothing
Track Name: Scars
Night after night spent clenching
Cold blankets and empty beds
Open containers and closed minds
Please convince me otherwise
Reveling in remorse and letting
Every indifference runs its course
Scars a plenty
But no use for pity
And we knew it would turn out this way
The end used to feel so far away
The rug has been pulled out from underneath our swollen feet
Track Name: Colors
Behind the yellow tape
Run and take cover
A childhood friend flies a different color
You and I come from different mothers
Keep trying to force differences
But our troubles are all the same
Run and take cover
Because now it is over
The smoking gun has been shed
Misdirected anger, rights been read
Our troubles are all the same
Lie behind the yellow tape
Track Name: Jobs
Institution of employment
Makes null and void enjoyment
Institution of employment
Push button, get reward
Trapped – low wage
One pay – check away
Squeezed – no raise
Silenced – no say
Work harder and harder
Life’s shorter and shorter
Two days off, can’t punch the clock
On this hangover of stress
Track Name: Evictions
How many years of drawing lines?
Lines based on pigment, lines around communities
How many years of drawing lines?
Lines based on pigment, lines around communities
Lines of occupation by pigs
Pigs against community, every move a felony
Erased all the red lines
Replaced with the bottom line
Bulldozers swarm
Evictions evictions
Who lived here who got... forced... out?
Track Name: Splinters
There are no delusions
No more great compromise
Cut all the assets
Portions for you
Portions for me
Splitting the time
Cutting the losses
Now we march into the modern world
The fears have crept back in
Where do we stand now?
Where will we go?
People cannot stand up
Without putting someone down 
Track Name: Decay
Wheels spin
Engines explode
Oil leaks
Gears grind
Waste accumulates
Poisons leach
Lungs breathe
Organisms consume
Cells absorb
And with every squealing train wheel braking
And every exhausting engine
I can feel my health decay
My body’s cells falsely replicate due to the toxins I take in
Decay for their profit
And with every rain drop dropping
And every impermeable surface’s runoff
I can feel my health decay
My body’s cells falsely replicate due to the toxins I take in 
Track Name: Ladders
So now here, here we are
And we don’t have a problem
Forgetting who we’ve stepped on
To get where, where we are
The ability to smile when others stave
Never ceases to amaze
Keep fucking us little folks over
So you can have and infect more
Sell your dreams to someone else
I know the score, I’m uncomfortable being poor
The ability to smile when others starve
Never ceases to amaze 
Track Name: Obituaries
Falling through the cracks
Sun sets and rises again
Planes sail through weeping clouds
But down here we weather the storm
Embrace the uncontrollable
There’s no time to cry
And no time to believe
In much anymore
Shadows no longer comfort the distorted
Another brother falls
A life never reported
And few will remember us
And few will remember us
Track Name: Fossils
Sent into a frenzy – textbook scenario
Synchronized symptoms – one diagnosis
One prescription – without solution
Torrential power collides – the power to mesmerize
Reflection – a new direction
Surging sources of vitality – block out normality
Receive the strength
Was out the caverns of the mind, it’s finally spring cleaning
Move ahead, cast aside, poisons must be cleansed
Release the tension, fuel the warmth
Do not lay down and die / Torrential power collides
Track Name: Boats
Taught to subtract and divide
Down in this hold
In the darkness
No color, no tone
People millions of people
All in the same boat
Taking water, we’re underwater, taking water
Illusions, false illusions
Lies, lies told
Darken the mug shot
Lies, lies told
Taught by those topside
Stop drilling holes
We’re all in the same boat
Stop, stop drilling holes
Taking water
Stop before you kill us all

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