by Dödläge

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released April 17, 2015


all rights reserved



Sacred Plague Records Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Stench of Death
Choking on the consequence of breeding destruction. Starved for a profit to feed first world decadence. Stench of death.
Track Name: Man Made Hell
Running from the sound of machine gun fire, dismembered bodies lay across the ground, blown to shreds. Trying to escape this man made hell. Blood thirsty soldiers, destruction their only passion, murder the innocent to feed the perverse satisfaction, trapping you inside this man made hell.
Track Name: Expendable Population
Murdered in the name of devotion to a system of corruption. The martyr follows his victims into the shadows of war. Marching towards a certain death the martyr follows his victims into the shadows of war.
Track Name: Poison Control
Biological weapons are used to control rebel populations. Poison concealed toxins seeping in. Man made disease to control dissent. Poison control.
Track Name: Illusory Fear
The delusion of innocence maintains your dependence. A false sense of morality, your fear is in control. Illusory fear.
Track Name: No Sacred Ground
Only in death will I ever find peace, suffering in silence. Forced to convert, controlled with violence. Inflicted with a lifetime of misery and pain. Suffering in silence, no sacred ground.
Track Name: Haunted
Wake up screaming, the memories of your past. Images of mutilation and the faces of the tortured. The trauma carries on. Nightmares of the massacre.
Track Name: Bleeding Out
Searching for shelter as shrapnel pierces your skin. No chance of survival, death is closing in. Flesh hangs from bone, panic increases as the lead poisons your system. Bleeding out, the final relief.
Track Name: Life in a Cage
Infected with disease, blinded with toxins, crying in pain. Stolen from nature abused in isolation. Confined and deprived for invasive experiment. No aire or sun only bars and concrete, life in a cage.
Track Name: Sea of Radiation
Released into the atmosphere. Contamination of the oceans. All animal and plant life poisoned out of existence. In the boiling ocean, a sea of radiation.

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